Scholarship Winners
2014 Scholarship Recipient
A.Johnson-Watkins was chosen as the 2014 $2,000 scholarship winner.  Talia is a graduate of Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts in Fort Worth, Texas.  She will be attending Texas State University to pursue a degree in Fine Arta and Communication.
2015 Scholarship Recipient
Austin Richardson, Rochester School of Technology and Alexis Suttice, Texas Wesleyan University were chosen as the 2015 $2,000 scholarship winners. 

Front Row:  Tommie Watkins, Wu Fang Huey You, Elvin Bennett, Sophie Richardson, Austin Richardson, Alexis Suttice, Henry Brazzile, Sharia Suttice and Carl Webb.

Back Row:  Willie Hill, James Kennard, Dickey Lewis, Dolley Miller, Sonny Carpenter and Al Cash.
2016 Scholarship Recipient
Robyn L. Battles, Texas A&M Galvenston, Environmental Lawyer
Tierney S. Leonard, Pepperdine University, Pre-Med
Araya L. Smith, Prairie View A&M University, Agricultural Economics

Front Row: Henry Brazzile, Wilburn J. Battles III, Robyn Battles, Elvin E. Bennett, Cynthia McKinney Smith, Araya L. Smith, Ratiel Leonard, Tierney S. Leonard and Sharron Leonard.

Back Row: Percy Rogers, Walter Price, A Z Drones, Carl Webb, Al Cash, Willie Hill, Herman Williams, Sr., Don Ridgeway, Dickie Lewis, Greg Wesley, James Kennard, Tommie Watkins, Bobby Doyle, Wu Fang Huey You and Sonny Carpenter.
2017 Scholarship Recipient
$2,000 to Lauren L. Antwine, SALC & Texas Christian Univeristy in Creative Writing.  Reoni C. Newsome, Oklahoma City University in Theatre & Performance.

Front row: James Kennard, Tommie Watkins, Lyddia Antwine, Elvin E. Bennet & Henry H. Brazzile.

Back row: Willie Hill, Carl Webb, Dickey Lewis, Sonny Carpenter, Bill Turner, Louis Carr, Sr., AZ Drones, Greg Wesley, Harman Williams, Sr., Doug Whitaker, Bobby Doyle, Dooley Miller, Percy Rogers & Al Cash.
2018 Scholarship Winner
$2,000 to Taelour Pruitt of Crowley High School and will be attending Southeast Missouri State University to pursue a degree in Nursing.

Picture shows: Tommie Watkins, Henry H. Brazzile, Taelour Pruitt, Elvin E. Bennett, James Kennard & Percy Rogers.